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The Revelations of your Menstrual cycle

The Revelations of your Menstrual cycle

Goodbye PMS and cramping. Hello you.
Are women powerless victims of their own turbulent hormones? This is the common (patriarchal) view and is deeply embedded in modern consciousness. Whereas the cycle of a women in actuality is her most powerful asset…
Discomforts are able to disappear once you understand and listen to your cycle. And it is much easier than you think! Your cycle is a structured guide, a physical coach that is always by your side, showing you the way… your way.
In this three-hour workshop you will find out that becoming attuned to your cycle requires no hard work or big effort. Slowing down, tuning in and translating your body’s messages is the key.
You will be informed about how to get in touch with yourself (again) and how to become aware of your boundaries, how to make the right choices and how to be authentic and free. You will learn a new and blissful view on your own sexuality you will learn to speak out and express yourself, to know what is right and wrong for and new ways to explore your creativity.
Your cycle is a perfect rhythm; learn how to dance to this rhythm and you will thrive!

This workshop takes 3 hours and is € 35,-. It will be given in Amsterdam (west). Send me an email when interested, so I can update you about the next date.
-This workshop can be provided on your own location as well (6-10 participants).


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