go-rebel love is the new rebellion

We think it is all in the past

A lot of women know that fear.. the fear of being visible, fear of being seen in their feminine power. We feel the fear in our bones.. Yes, we remember to well what happened, not that long ago, with Wild Women.. We were persecuted and it was not pretty. Those who lived had to hide their feminine wisdom and wild heart. We had to hide our true nature in the depth of our womb. We had to silence our voices until our throats hurt of the tears we dared not to cry for that what was lost.
But we did not vanish, our wild wisdom was hidden in the loving soil of the earth. Now we rise.. We come from the witched that were not burned, We are the offspring of the wild women that remembered their ancient song. WE RISE AGAIN. And there will be judgement and fear for what we bring in a world that is still sleeping.
I bow deep for the women who came before me, those who were brave enough to stand up, to bring change. Their sacrifices we not in vain. Today I have the freedom to unleash the wild woman within. Today I won’t be burned at the stake for sharing my wisdom..
I bow deep to the men who supported the women, making the way for us. I bow in gratitude for your companionship in this long journey.
Long ago our circles were divided, our legs were crossed to prevent us to connect to mother earth.. long ago we had to hide our true selves.. but not anymore. WE WILL RISE!
I will be judged, I will be hunted, they will talk and they will pointe their finger… but I won’t silence my voice. I will cry, I will laugh, I will dance, I will run with the wolfs and swim in the depth of existence.. I will bring women back together to re-connect our sacred circles..
I choose love!
You say I am a dangerous women.. YES I AM! I am the voice of a new world, I am the embodiment of a new way of living. I am a danger to the old system.. for it is build on fear.. and I choose LOVE… and I am not alone! We come with many.. We are the WILD WOMEN from the East, South, North and West.. our way is love.. wild, untamed, unshaped LOVE.

Margo Awanata