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True peri-menopause

True peri-menopause

Our Peri-Menopause is an extraordinary powerful phase in a woman’s life. Really? Yes indeed! In this transforming phase you make the transition from a menstrual cyclic woman to the menopause. This starts around the age of 40. At some moment in history, women looked forward to this special time and in a lot of cultures this is still the case. A time in which the libido reaches its peak and the woman feels powerful and true to her highest self. She completes her menstrual life and becomes the crone, the wise woman. Her role changes and she will be held in high esteem. Pardon me? Why is it that so many women don’t experience this at all? Why is the perimenopause endured as an endless phase of misery and discomfort? In this workshop you will get the answers and more! You will know exactly what you can do to make the perimenopause work for you instead of against you. Allow yourself this beautiful time in your life!

You can register for a workshop by sending me an email. When enough participants, I will set a date. The workshop will be given in Amsterdam West, takes 4 hours and costs €50,-
-This workshop can be provided on your own location as well (6-10 participants).


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